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eCommerce Shopping Systems

eCommerce web site or Electronic commerce website is a website that has an online business facility with a payment solution (e.g. eBay and Amazon).

Usually eCommerce websites are hard to manage due to their complexity. To solve this problem, iCreativeCanvas’s web development team builds on open-source eCommerce CMS systems such as Joomla & Wordpress. Both popular solutions provide an easy and secure way to manage your products, clients, and keep an eye on payments.

Every eCommerce website has different requirements and that is why we do not provide a generic off the shelf solution. Instead, iCreativeCanvas builds a bespoke eCommerce shopping cart for our client’s website. Our eCommerce solution is an effort of ages of development work. We have experience in building eCommerce systems for small businesses to multinational companies.

eCommerce Payment Gateways & Merchant Accounts

A Payment Gateway is an online payment transfer service. The main task of a Payment Gateway is to transfer a payment from one account to another. eCommerce websites developed by iCreativeCanvas are usually connected to one of the well known and secure payment gateways, such as PayPal, WorldPay, GoogleCheckout,, 2Checkout, Protx and many others.

To run an online business or an eCommerce website one would also require an online Merchant Account. We understand that setting a Merchant Account can be a difficult and a complicated process. That is why iCreativeCanvas provides a service to open a Merchant Account on your behalf which can be used instantly.

Most of the people shopping online leave an eCommerce website on a Shopping Cart page; the reason behind being difficult to find the right information on goods or services. iCreativeCanvas ensures that your visitors are turned into customers, and customers - into permanent customers.

To find out more about our eCommerce website offers and features, do not hesitate to contact us.