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Orange County Web Design

iCreativeCanvas is an award winning, full service marketing firm based in Orange County, California. Featuring an integrated staff of web consultants, creative designers, copywriters, programmers and marketing professionals, we've built a reputation for creating a positive return on our client's investments. iCreativeCanvas began with the intention of creating a full-service marketing firm that offered excellent service, creativity and production at an inexpensive rate.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are custom-fit to our client’s unique business needs, and have a measurable impact on business performances as a whole. 

We offer all inclusive website development, including design, hosting and support.  We provide consulting on internet marketing strategy, helping you identify competitive advantages the internet can deliver for your business.  We implement high-quality multimedia design to effectively brand your company and secure a strong marketplace position. 

Our management team has an average of 6 years direct experience in creative marketing, including both strategy and implementation.  We are able to understand the business needs of our clients and in turn, help our clients understand how we can meet their business needs.  iCreativeCanvas presents all technology options, and works with our clients to determine the best fit, both functionally and financially.

Our Vision

We believe that technology is only as valuable as the solution it provides.  Our first goal on any project is to understand the business issues surrounding it, then, we choose the technology that best meets the needs of our client.

We have set a directive within our organization that requires all of our solutions to have a tangible, measurable result.  Ultimately, this is an increase in sales or a decrease in costs.  However, the tactical goal may be to develop a stronger web presence or streamline processes.

We emphasize the value of integrity.  We honestly evaluate a client’s solution, and if it does not fit within our core competencies, we feel that it is our duty as a trusted business advisor to direct our clients to organizations, often a partner, to assist with the solution.  The result has been a strengthened relationship with our clients- a relationship that has allowed our clients to utilize us as a first and primary point of contact, with strong technology experience, with which to discuss potential solutions in an objective manner.

We take the time to learn what is important to our clients in order to achieve success. Our aim is to build the long-term relationships critical to a strong client/vendor relationship. Our goal is that every one of our solutions has a positive impact on our clients’ businesses as a whole.