Search Engine Optimization

It’s Not About ‘Get the Traffic’ — It’s About "Get the Targeted and Relevant Traffic."

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and pay-per-click are a few terms that come to mind while talking about a digital media marketing campaign. All these combined and a quality website design, development, branding, ORM, and content marketing create a mix that a digital marketing company provides to its clients.

# Attracting more customers and finding ways to expand the business horizons are the two most important things that a brand looks forward to. iCreative provides exactly that.

A brand’s online footprints keep a check on how well it is standing out in its industry and among its competitors. SEO services keenly monitor such variables for their clients.

On-Page/Off-Page Optimization

Internal Links

Which pages of your site carry the highest page authority? Do you have pages that link to them? Are there any links pointing to 404 error pages? Our SEO specialists will dive into these critical areas and build an internal linking strategy, backed by strong anchor texts and search intent. The goal is to pass authority from one page to another and guide your visitors to your most valuable pages.

External Links

When credible websites link to you, this tells search engines you have authority in your industry and helps boost your visibility. Using tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, we’ll fine tune your backlink profile and analyze your competitors’ links. We’ll also go the extra mile and research potential sites that can link to your business and level up your backlink game.

Search Engine Marketing

Content Is King, but Marketing Is Queen and Runs the Household.

A powerful Pay-per-Click marketing campaign helps a brand increase its online visibility. Using iCreative's PPC Marketing Experts, a brand can enjoy the luxury of appearing on the first page of a search engine when a user searches industry-specific keywords. A strong online presence through an effective PPC marketing campaign leads companies to profitability, and eventually at the front-line of the competition!


Via our PPC marketing strategies, a business in the USA can easily align its long-term goals with traffic drivers on a website. Proceeding with a project without keeping track of and measuring its progress will never give a brand’s desired results. Via PPC, you can merge google analytics with its ads.